Chapter 3.

Transformation of Adam;

Published: September 17, 2019

Author: Noor Bongers

The Awakening of Lilith addresses the restoration of the feminine quality on earth. In women and in men (personal leadership) and in our economical and societal context. In balance with masculine ….. 

of course! 

The transformation of Adam

Adam … let’s have a look at Adam and the cultural history of the masculine. Imagine having been raised for generations in the idea that woman is subservient to man. That you are permitted to exercise authority. You call it ‘providing for’, but it means: you decide. God gave you Eve, made from a part of you. She is an extension of your ambition (for a fascinating epilogue, read The Power).

Slowly you discover that women are authentic beings too. Who do not always obey. Who have a body and an energetic field that is fundamentally different from your own. With a brain that is wired in its own specific way, and functions differently from a man’s brain (brilliant is A Man’s Brain Versus a Woman’s Brain). Then gender-fluid opens a whole new spectrum again.

All those cultural patterns from the story of Adam and Eve are visible in our world. Our mothers and grandmothers suffered from the Eve-syndrom (to oblige, no matter what) and broke loose. Equality, suffrage, having their own jobs and self-determination. First Wave Feminism was here.

But … they made women into masculine women who could do men-things, and they demanded that men did women-things. And there you have it: lots of confusion and strife. Striving for gender equality. But also striving in which men and women strain themselves because they want to be like the other sex.

In this strive, the specific qualities of feminine and masculine were abandoned. Everything turned around the basic opposition of male/female. And yet, the qualities of feminine and masculine are so interesting. The receptive quality, and the expressive or manifesting quality. Like colors on a palette. Represented both in men and women, and in gender-fluids.

These developments created puzzled men, who, much later, became the Metro Man. Men who speak about their emotions; men with Daddy Days off. It also brought us ‘guys in a skirt suit’ (labeled as such by men): women who look highly ladylike and are exquisitely able to play the masculine-dominated game, but with a feminine touch – making them even more dangerous. Both regarding temptation and manipulation.

After ten years (around 2014) men were slightly confused and in search of their male identity. Women were no longer able to act out of their receptive nature, and predominantly showed masculine behavior. David Deida wrote a delightful book about this, The Way of the Superior Man. The masculine aspect, which has presence and focus, lets the feminine relax and makes it thrive. If it doesn’t, the woman changes into a kind of witch, because she cannot relax in her true feminine nature. Purpose is key. For the masculine.

Right. Purpose.

in the golden gate

it’s warm and gentle

inviting and promising

like a mirror made of golden dust

you should know

you’re seeing yourself

while entering the one you trust


Purpose-Driven Economy

Purpose-driven economy means an economy in which we can give meaning to a meaningful world. This is also often linked to a sense of purpose and a sustainable or inclusive society.

I think that ‘purpose’ arises when creation and consciousness come together. Although the things in themselves are meaningful as well. A flower has purpose because of its beauty ; )), because of its invitation to the bee; the fertilization and procreation of life itself.

In The Awakening of Lilith, we introduced the Golden Ratio as a creating principle. In the Golden Ratio arises ‘creation in harmony with everything that is.’ A principle that can be found everywhere in nature (a fern, a seashell, an unfolding leaf). Creation which generates value, without destruction or eradication of the whole. This is what I call Enchanting Economy; enlightened growth from the inside out.

Our society tires us with growth that takes away value. From people (exhaustion, burn out, seeing people only as an economical factor), from the earth (pollution, using up resources), and within our economy (money over real value). Overreaching Masculinity; excessive determination to actualize the Little Self (ego). The right balance between feminine and masculine is missing.

The feminine: receptive, looking at the whole context, searching for synergy. The feminine by itself is somewhat amorphous and needs the masculine impulse and bedding to bring about creation. How to work with this idea?

The right balance between feminine and masculine forces creates a healthy ecosystem. Which already has the capacity to heal itself. A true ecosystem takes care of itself. There is never too much or too little. As long as … it can move in its natural balance.

Ecology stands with Economy

Similarly, the masculine stands with the feminine. Equivalent.

But then, who stands with Lilith?

If Lilith is the creative principle of the universe, the female … and Adam the male principle (who really didn’t know how to handle her). Then, who stands with her? Another man? The creative field? A God? She herself, maybe?? I’ll take you along in a number of different lines of thought.

Lilith is not ‘truth’. But it is a beautiful metaphor to reveal evolution, a travelogue.

Take from it whatever you appreciate, and let it inspire you.


Love and Emptiness

At first I thought that the field of creation would stand with Lilith. The big nothingness. The field itself. The emptiness. In which there is no impulse at all. Pure consciousness without judgment; or maybe not a consciousness, just a being. Without past, without present. The field. Essential for creation to exist at all.

In this field, Love appears, as an impulse for creation. It is Love itself which wants to live, to create, to thrive. Like the most beautiful rose; an endless sea of possibilities, at times in waves, then as a storm, then a babbling brook. Emptiness and Love. Two extraordinary elements as the basis for everything we can imagine.

That is a proper partner for Lilith, we thought. The field that IS, a masculine IS. Which carries the potential for the creation of the universe and an enchanting economy; or a beautiful theater performance, or a war, or whatever we want to manifest. Everything is possible.

But I dropped that idea. Working with the power of Lilith, I discovered that Love and Emptiness form a base to be able to work with feminine forces. Indeed … love is not necessarily feminine. The masculine force is a force of creation, an impulse to growth as well. Definitely!

Love and Emptiness embed the stream of all developments.

From the moment I realized this, whenever I work with people around this topic, I give first a meditation to learn how to work with Love and Emptiness, before we aim for the reception of the feminine power and gifts. The power of immediately working with Lilith is otherwise just too great.

To unlock this pure feminine power brings with it, especially in women, a huge wave of unprocessed hurt and anger (of generations!). Only once this is ‘free’, is the feminine power able to relax, and this is when it is at its best ; )). It takes some getting used to.

It is essential to experience Emptiness and Love as a base for this field of forces.

The gardener in Paradise

Over and over again, I encounter the figure of the gardener. In several parts of the investigation of Lilith, he appeared. The man (or woman!) who takes care of the earth’s ecosystem. The person who digs in the soil, and ploughs so that seeds can germinate. Even at a meeting of all gardeners of Amsterdam (the TuinBazen) the story was heard, about Adam and Eve, content together in paradise.

But who actually takes care of Paradise?

The GardenBoss!

And with that, Lilith suddenly had a partner and the investigation took a new turn. Because a proper economy (enchanting!) only comes into existence if it really contributes to the world in which we live. The whole constellation of relationships, with our resources, with our (extended) families, with our jobs, with what we think about all that. And this doesn’t even take into account what the earth’s ecosystem indicates itself: the tides, the currents, the sun.

The Gardener.

Is that the man, the human, the masculine power standing with Lilith?

The quality that takes care of the ecosystem in which both growth and purpose arise.

It’s nice and down to earth, that next to a powerlady like Lilith, who releases the fury of rejection and discovers her tenderness … that with her stands a gardener. A farmer. An agriculturist. A free bird. Or an elder of an indigenous people, connected to the well-being and the consciousness of Mother Earth.

It is compelling, really.

Everywhere indigenous people make themselves heard. Of course, in essence we all are indigenous. If it weren’t for the fact that in the predominantly Western world we have completely lost this knowledge of nature and her self-sufficient ecosystem. Indigenous peoples have retained this knowledge and have it operational.

I am overjoyed that the Western world is increasingly opening itself up to this knowledge, and that there is a growing awareness for self-sufficient living, eco-villages, sustainable agriculture and estate management.


Holism; beyond dualism

Another line of thought concerns Lilith herself. She IS whole, beyond good and evil, beyond judgment, beyond dualism. Remember that this dualism arose because she was not received by Adam. After which Adam and Eve created the illusion of Light & Love. Only light, and only love; without embracing the creative principle as a whole, to which the dark belongs as well.

The moment that Lilith is received after all (by Adam ; )), this means that Adam is able to tread beyond dualism. He enters the world of holistic consciousness, the world of unconditional love.

This means that a man like Adam, if he wants to stand with Lilith, has to know his darkness, and also has to receive the feminine part in himself. Has given his internal Lilith space. Has restored the balance in himself, and has rediscovered himself in oneness.

Right through the dark side. Of exploitation, authority, lust without drive, drive without purpose for the whole. Toxic masculinity. The masculine is SO PURE and at the same time so powerful (just as the feminine power can be, by the way!! Be aware) that it can be destructive (same with the women) and that men can fear it (… same here …).





Interesting. Coming closer to one’s true nature if you embrace and bear the dark side. And that true nature … is in contact with both the cosmos and the earth. Contact means … exchange. Of cosmic knowledge, inner wisdom, a source of universal love and your own truth.

A perfect recipe for a beautiful human being.

Beautiful work.

Beautiful world.


… for the feminine as well …

And Lilith … she has her own lessons to learn. After the rejection of the true nature of the feminine for years on end, toxic femininity is lurking around the corner. As a backlash against being oppressed for so long, women are very good at manipulation, drama, or at endless explorations of what is important without being decisive.

To name but an element of the dark side of the feminine (or of the martyrdom that announced itself). Or, of course, the masculine application of our femininity. Bam, plan-do-check-act. On High Heels. What is it like to let this go? What remains without this protective shield of masculine behavior?

I perceive that we are now, together, men and women, developing a new language.

Investigate how we can release and shape these aspects in ourselves.

Awaken the Lilith in yourself and in the other. Give each other (and your projects) space!


Be supportive.

Because this is not just some little transition that we go through together.

This touches on huge trauma’s, embedded in our DNA, which we release now … and only after that the behavior that comes with it. So you can support each other in spirit and in conduct. So amazing!

This happens with men and women. It happens between man and women and how we shape our relationships. It happens on a societal level where the balance between feminine and masculine is forged anew.


What about Eve …

It leaves behind Eve, restless and inconsequential. Has she become meaningless?

I have pondered this for a long time. “Let’s skip Eve!” I thought. I travel beyond the instance in history in which Lilith was not received, and will only pursue the moment in which she is received after all. The moment that Adam is brave enough to truly stand with a woman. (Of course you can read this metaphorically as well:  the fully developed masculine aspect that takes its place next to a mature feminine aspect.) Very bold of me to reason like this … but … what about Eve?

Today is a special day. 3-3-3

March 3rd, 2019. 2019 added together makes 3 as well. I really wanted to celebrate the carnival, but I discovered an enormous desire to be still and write another chapter in The Awakening of Lilith. And to write down all my insights of the past year. I immersed myself in 3-3-3 and came to a special realization.

The number 1 is the creative principle itself. The creative force behind the beginning of the universe (the Emptiness I discussed earlier). According to Pythagoras, 1 is not a true number, but is ubiquitous in all numbers. 1 times 1 is still 1. It’s nothing until you have 2. 1 and 1 is 2.

The creative principle therefore needs a mirror, a reflection, to be able to create. Before, I discussed Love as an impulse. Here I speak about the Sun (1) and the Moon (2), the same, but different somehow. The Moon does not shine, but is illuminated by the Sun. Joint creation.

The number 1 is called the Father of the numbers. The number 2 the Mother. In Tarot the 1 is the Magician, and 2 the High Priestess. A nice combination ; )) It shows the complete potential, the 3 (in some religions this is the ‘holy spirit’, the female principle next to the father and the son).

And yet this creates a world of illusions and separation. It is said that the number 2 is in essence ‘dualism’. If it could withdraw into the number 1, the creative principle (the All!), nothing would come into existence. Because the 1 cannot do anything by itself … it is only through polarity that something comes into existence … (what a bummer …!!)

The number 3 is therefore the synthesis of the numbers 1 and 2. The thesis and the antithesis. Without the number 3 there is no harmony between 1 and 2. The number 3 brings abundance, peace and creation. It connects. And it waits for the number 4 that (SQUARE) manifests itself.

But what about this story … because Eve wasn’t the original feminine, was she? She is made from a part of the masculine, a mirror in which he could learn to know himself … erm?

My realization (or reflection ; )) is really that Adam can incorporate that part which he needed as a mirror to get to know himself, and acknowledge that he had created an illusion. With a huge impact on today’s society. That Adam can return to the whole, in which he discovers that he is Light and Dark, that he carries both Feminine and Masculine within himself.

Then to turn to that other first creation, Lilith, the feminine aspect, which was brought to the earth. Only when Adam reaches this holistic consciousness is he able to look into the other mirror, a true mirror of equality. And that polarity leads to sublime creation.

As we can infer from this entire history ; ))

Let me know if you want to get into this further.

Let’s create the future together.


To get there.



Noor Bongers

first published on 3-3-2019 on Noor’s weblog

P.S. Onward to the number 4 ; )) According to this source the true manifestation of all of this potential. And it’s not too far: 4/4/2020. I’m looking forward to it!


1. Still from the movie La Dolce Vita * Frederico Fellini
2. Noor photographed by Dineke Faas, to honor Sisterhood
3. Still from the movie La Dolce Vita * Frederico Fellini
5. Strategic analysis from Noor Bongers en Jefta Bade, for The Gardeners from the City of Amsterdam * Karin Selbach
6. photogift from a friend
7. Home Sweet Home, Noor’s Avalon



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