Purpose Economy

Doing the Lilith

Let’s see how Lilith affects your daily life. Is it easy to welcome her (in your own life or company) or are you afraid of her power? Is shé in fact a little bit shy with her strength herself? And what about Adam and true masculinity?

There’s one way to find out. Play!

We’re experiences hosts of Systemic Work, a playful and yet really effective way to gain clear insight in complexity ánd experience the solution. The stories of Lilith & Adam are perfect bricks to play with and develop new roads to the future. With respect to our cultural heritage and yet easy to step out. Use it as a stepping stone.

Noor Bongers has an easygoing approach. In which she brings complexity to the surface in a very light and cheerful way. She will be happy to join you in a Doing the Lilith.

Contact her if you want to experience it for yourself.




Interesse in deelname? Neem, vrijblijvend, contact op voor een afspraak.

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